Hipgnosis Songs Fund Raises a Cool $185 MM in an Oversubscribed Round

  • themeca 

Of course, those are monster tracks — which means they also have monster price tags.  But Hipgnosis is betting that the long-term annuities will easily beat the upfront costs (and so do Hipgnosis’ investors).

So far is just shy of $450m, giving Mercuriadis lots of new funds to acquire rights.  The latest funding was raised via a sale of shares to a small number of private investors.  The sale was worth 40.7% of HSFL’s ordinary share count.

The funding round was over-subscribed, with Mercuriadis initially only seeking $130m (£100m) in funding.

HSFL is trading on the London Stock Exchange. Mercuriadis has previously stated his goal is to raise £1 billion ($1.3m) within three years.

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